Parker's Notes

Download the notes I take at Keller Williams Events.

KWYP NorCal Launch

San Francisco, CA

Notes from KWYP NorCal Launch

- Team Building: Rachel Bauer & Nick Gonzales
- Utilizing Portfolio Analyses to Create Opportunities: Drew Wisdom
- Investing: Drew Wisdom & Michael Putnum
- Solution Based Buying & Selling For Real Estate: Michael Morrongiello

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Family Reunion 2024

Las Vegas, NV

Notes from FR24:

- Vision & State of the Company: Gary Keller
- Keynote: Tony Robbins
- Keynote: Mel Robbins
- KWYP Advance: Brett Tanner
- Ask and You Shall Receive: Proven Systems for Consistent Client Referrals
- Innovative MOFIR Strategies for Instant Engagement
- Build Strategic Partnerships for Win-Win Business Transitions
- Embrace Your Inner influencer for Quality Social Media Leads
- Magnetic Marketing- Craft Your Brand to Captivate New Clients
- Craft a Buyer Presentation That Proves Your Worth
- Generating Listings with Cash Offers

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Mega Agent Camp 2023

Austin, TX

Notes from MAC23:

- Gary Keller
- Mega Agent Panels
- Keynote: Phil M Jones
- KWYP Advance: Gary Keller, Jason Abrams, Wendy Papasan

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KWYP Summit 2023

Fort Worth, TX

Notes from KWYP Summit:

- Relationships to Referrals
- Social Media Branding (BAM Media)
- Video is THE Thing (Real Estate Video Blueprint)
- Wealth Panel
- Wealth (Marc King)

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Family Reunion 2023

Anaheim, CA

Notes from FR23:

- Stand Out With Shift-Ready Luxury Marketing.
- Network Your Way to a Shift-Proof Business.
- Make Online Lead Generation Work For Your Business.
- You’re Famous! Use YouTube to Gain Leads and Grow Your Business.
- Low-cost, High-value Leverage: Succeeding Through Virtual and Showing Assistants.
- Under Thirty and Thriving in a Shift.

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